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Not only do we offer you a placement within our program to help you cultivate your writing ability, but you also get paid for some examples of original pieces of work you produce for us. This is obviously a great incentive to join our program ... more

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Interns get double incentives when hired by a top travel magazine for a journalism internship program. They learn to write as well as enjoy Australia while travelling from one spot to another. Hardworking interns producing unique pieces are well rewarded.

Interns Looking for a Lucrative and Entertaining Career, Pick Travel Virtual Internship Program in Australia

Virtual internship programs have gained a momentum ever since the beginning of the Internet. Writers especially, don’t require visiting an office to script their articles. Interns working as journalists, travel writers, and travel guide authors write about their experience as a traveller and send the data online to the magazine they are working for.

Online Travel Internship in Australia

Each year thousands of travellers come to Australia to travel across various spots, landscapes, and tribal areas. Those with a passion for writing their travelogue often enrol as interns to write for popular travel magazines, learn the art of scripting an attractive piece of content, and earn a good amount in the process.

Why choose Australia? – Simply because, the country offers different topics to write on. Some choose adventurous sports, camping at the outback, driving through the Simpson Desert, or trekking in the rainforests. Few others choose their trip to the aboriginal spots.

There are others writing about nightlife in Sydney and Brisbane while many more are keen writers about various beaches and life at the beaches in Australia.

How it Works?
Virtual internship, especially for travel writers, work easily provided you remain in touch with your editor. A net-enabled computer is practically what you need. Added to it, a camera will also work wonders. Knowledge in WordPress, Picassa, social networking, and web optimization will be attractive features that the editors look for. All you require is to post the article online to your editorial team.

Travel Writing
As interns, you must pack your content with key information that a traveller will like to have. Articles must be original in its theme and diction. Information must be accurate and interesting. If you have a penchant for writing eye-catching captions and headers, you are bound to be successful.

Writing and travelling is not the only thing however, for many internship programs. Although many journalism internships are unpaid ones, where the editors edit and review your write-up, there are paid internships that require you to do some more tasks, apart from writing. These include:

  1. Editing and proof-reading
  2. Picture selection and copyediting
  3. Networking

Some minor tasks which you can expect to learn are site promotions where you may be asked to upload updates and fresh content. You may have to answer queries on social networking, send out alerts, or maintain a subscriber list.

Managing Costs while Travelling
Often virtual internships on journalism are unpaid ones. If you are travelling, make sure you have adequate funds for your upkeep. If you are willing to do some additional tasks, apart from covering your travel experiences, you can earn some money from your editor.

In short, writers with a special skill can earn while doing their internship. An internship program may be for 8-26 weeks. Once you successfully complete the program, you can apply to travel writer’s job.

Write to our internship counsellor for virtual travel writing internship programs if you love to travel in and around Australia as an intern for a travel magazine.


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