Intern in Australia

My time as a journalism intern in Australia
By Lena Schultz

A lot of people used to always ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up and for a very long time I actually had no idea to be honest, although I soon decided that becoming a journalist might be a good idea! I did a bit of research online to get started and stumbled across a website that was asking for interns in Australia for journalism.

Well I thought that this might be a good goal to work towards so I first had to complete my studies in Journalism to see if that would then give me a better chance to get selected for the internship. Soon I was on a plane to discover what being an intern in Australia was all about! I really enjoyed seeing parts of Australia that I had always only ever seen on TV so to me that was a good thing first up.
Then though I knew I would have to get into my work and really put the things I had learnt about journalism to good use.

I did find though that my journalism skills I had learned actually did put me in a good position, as certain things I had to start doing like collecting news stories and working on potential stories did help out with me at first. Things that people tell you too about interns such as getting coffee for them and doing other basic jobs around the office is generally true, but it was still something that I really didn’t mind doing as it meant it was getting to know people and do some ‘networking’ at the same time I’m sure you could say.

Some of the jobs that I would soon find myself doing was a lot of online work, as that seemed to be where the majority of work was needed. A lot of stories had to be written for many different websites and I really didn’t mind as it meant I actually got the chance to go online and use my journalism experience to a good level of use, and then get a real good chance to finally write some decent articles! I loved the fact too that my topics were so diverse.

Things such as animals, travel and even some articles about writing articles made my day go by pretty quickly! I hardly ever found a dull moment in it and it made me learn a great deal too which actually surprised me as I didn’t think a journalist could learn things as they typed!

I learnt about many different types of animals and animal care which did really broaden my horizons and I knew the information I learned would help me out a great deal when I returned home! I did want to get a bit of experience doing some radio journalism but that never really panned out for me which I was little bit disappointed about. However when I returned home I did manage to get a bit of experience on a local community station so that part of my journalism career did eventually get ticked off! I did learn so much though and I was so pleased to find out the many skills that I had been educated about during my time studying journalism were really getting put to good use. And the fact too that I was really getting to experience some majestic places in Australia as well was also fantastic.

So I guess what I’m pretty much trying to say with all of this is that becoming an intern in Australia really is worth it if you are looking for an experience to get you out of your comfort zone and give you the chance to really see what being a journalist is actually like. You will often find yourself working in many different areas that you probably never thought you would be before, and it’s amazing to think about all the different things that you can experience with your new found career. So get involved in it, get applying and get a new life that will make you happy!


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