Journalism Internship Australia

Journalism Internship Australia

Journalism Internship in Australia

Journalism Internship in Australia

Come and do a Journalism Internship in Australia!

Doing anything in the field of journalism is often exciting and extremely fast paced. It's an industry that you will find constant changes in from day to day and is one of the most competitive fields to really get your teeth into. It's an industry that you will find is always needing people to work, as the ever changing landscape of media across the world makes sure of this on a daily level.

Through all various media platforms, including radio, online, print and television, you can find yourself amazed at the amount of work that you can often find for yourself if you really look for it. But like with any career, you do have to get started somewhere, and in the field of Journalism, doing an internship is usually the way to go in order to really get your feet into the profession.

But how can you get a internship, especially if you want to come to Australia to do one? Well as we mentioned, it is quite competitive so you should never think that it's easy to get into because it isn't. But there are places that can help you find an internship, and we are one of them! But why should you do an internship in journalism? Allow us to tell you some reasons why:

  1. It is a great, fun exciting industry that you will always find new things to enjoy about everyday! With such a constantly changing media landscape over the period that you will find yourself in Australia, it is always great to be able to be part of the news making arena so by becoming a journalist you will ensure that this is the case. It is an easy thing to say that you will stay on top of the news but by being journalism professional, you really can stay on top of the news!
  2. It's a great chance for you to come to Australia and see what the country is really like! Actually getting to work with real Australian's is always a great thing and you will always find enjoyment in getting to know some Australian's on a personal level. Within the journalism industry you will find a bunch of hard working individuals who are always looking at doing their best, and you will always see the possibilities of Australian's in the way that they present themselves within the journalism industry. So get involved when you are here to experience our way of life!
  3. You have the opportunity to really have your voice heard by large audiences and have the ability to really make a difference. Journalists exist in this world to bring stories to the people, so by being able to tell stories to the people you are essentially being that gatekeeper to a large audience. And it's a great feeling to be able to have the attention of a large public who wish to hear what you are saying and are listening to you for that exact purpose. Australian's love their news and love their news stories so you will find that you will constantly be needed in order to get those stories across on a large scale and to many different people.
  4. It is a changing landscape that will you see you work in many different platforms. You could start out online publishing stories before finding yourself on TV, radio or many other platforms. The possibilities for your work will surprise you, and so will the many different platforms that really do exist!

So with a lot of thinking ahead of you, you should always try and weigh up the many positives that will come from doing an internship with journalism in Australia. You will get to experience a very different way of life and no doubt enjoy every moment of it, so get prepared, organise yourself and apply today to really find out how you can become happy and an intern in journalism in Australia!


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