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How can I become a journalist just by being an intern? Doesn't sound very promising to me.
Everyone has to start somewhere, even journalists, and journalism interns are usually a very normal thing to have to start with when you wish to become a journalist. By completing an internship you can then place it on your resume which will look great to perspective employers in the future, as it will show off your many skills and capabilities that you will learn as a journalism intern. It will also give you a great amount of experience to really help develop your credentials in becoming a fully fledged journalist, and really get your teeth stuck into what it means to get involved in the industry.

Is it worth coming to Australia to be a journalism intern?
Of course it is! Australia is an extremely beautiful country that should be experienced by everyone at least once in their life, and coming here to work will give you the opportunity to experience what real Australian's are actually like in their own environment. Added to that, the journalism industry in Australia is world renowned, and getting a start in Australia is really an amazing opportunity to spread your roots right across the globe for other future prospects.

What are some things I would be doing as a journalism intern?
As an intern you would usually be doing some very basic tasks in order to get you properly started in the industry. You could be asked to do simple things like collecting news stories throughout the day, or searching for potential leads for articles. At the beginning of your internship it would be very unlikely that you would be writing stories straight away, although in some cases you will be given the chance to do articles, depending on the situation. As long as you are committed to the cause of taking your internship to the next level, you will find yourself capable of going a long way in the industry.

I heard interns get paid hardly anything? Why not just take my chances in finding a proper journalism job somewhere else?

It's true that a wage of an intern isn't the best, but the fact that you will get a chance to really get started in the journalism industry and get paid for it should be enough incentive to really give it a go. You could always risk just trying to get a 'proper job' in the journalism industry but you could find yourself waiting a very long time until you actually become successful. At least by becoming an intern you will be guaranteed work and guaranteed to gain significant amounts of experience that really will help you out in the long run.

Hopefully you will now have had some answers that will help you make up your mind when it comes to being a journalism intern. We hope to receive your application soon and then give you the opportunity you have been waiting for!


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