Journalism Internship Do’s & Don’t

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Journalism Internships Do's & Don’ts

DO consider becoming a journalism intern because it's a job that we know you will love! The journalism industry is every changing and is often one of the fastest growing industries around, so why not consider getting involved in it today? The best thing about it too is that you then have the chance to come out to Australia and experience some really unique people, animals and culture and always have the chance to put on your resume that you have worked in Australia! It's something that we know for a fact you will never regret once you experience it!

DON'T assume that all journalists are looked down upon and treated in a negative light. There are many journalists around the world who are highly respected and treated in high regards, and although journalists do sometimes receive a fair amount of criticism, there are plenty of other jobs out there that also receive criticism and you can't always avoid that for the rest of your life! Journalism careers are extremely rewarding and do give you the chance to really experience the world from a wide variety of locations, and you also have the chance to experience many types of media that can really interest you along the way.

DO your research and always stay connected to the news. This could be through many types of mediums, through radio, print, TV or even online, but you should always try and manage to read up on everything you can and always follow the events that are happening around the world. A journalist is somebody who always needs to know what is going on so that they have as much information as possible when it comes to doing their stories and jobs properly, and by having a decent knowledge of recent events, current affairs and just general knowledge as well, it will put you in a better position when you wish to climb up higher on that journalism ladder.

DON'T think that a journalist is somebody who simply reports bad news. There are all types of journalists out there who don't even write stories. You can be a feature writer who can give your own opinion on certain events, or even a writer who can write a funny side of things to give people a bit more of a different view. Just because when you watch or read the news you see a lot of bad stories doesn't mean that's what journalism is all about. Far from it. Journalism is about telling stories to the public so that they are better informed, so make sure that you take this on board if you are considering becoming a journalism intern.

DO prepare yourself for an amazing experience in becoming a journalism intern, especially when it comes to coming to Australia. A journalism intern is a position that we know you will love, and the fact that you will get to experience one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world will also make things purely amazing for yourself. If you really are wanting to get your foot in the journalism world, then there isn't many greater opportunities than the one we are presenting to you here!

DON'T assume that the only type of journalism you will be doing is writing things and typing it up. Journalists cover all types of different mediums, from online to print through to TV and radio. The possibilities are endless. You will learn about all the different types of journalism that do exist in the world and that can then help you make up your mind further when it comes to choosing what specific area of journalism you will be attempting to pursue. You could even find yourself attempting to get into a very specific area of journalism, like a sports journalist or music journalist. This way you can concentrate on a subject that you find interesting to yourself, and allow yourself a chance to really get a lot out of what you want to do. Starting off as a journalism intern is a perfect way to do this.

DO find out what area of journalism really interests you the most and what area you would like to specifically concentrate on. If you have a passion for a specific area of journalism then this will help you in your internship know what you want to do and then find out how you can pursue your dreams. It's always great to be able to pursue your dreams and in the end that's what we are all trying to seek in life right?

DON'T think for a minute that you won't enjoy your time as an intern because that couldn't be further from the truth! No matter how much you want to do something, you always have to try and start from the bottom so an intern is generally the way to go with something like journalism. Never feel dishearten about it and always think to yourself about what you will achieve in the future, and not necessarily what you are achieving in the now. This will make things easier for you in the long run.


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