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We offer paid and unpaid journalism internships

Do you dream about a journalism career?

Have you ever thought how writing interesting stories, churning eye-catching reports, and scripting reviews will help you earn a handsome salary each month without stepping out from your home?

Here’s the clue: we offer journalism internships for students and young job seekers. Our internship program can be both paid and unpaid, depending how you perform on the job.

What You must Have
You also must have a good command over English for any journalism internship program. It is also important to have:

Proactive and friendly nature
Strong inter-personal skills
Thorough workmanship
…And, interns must have an urgency to learn at all times. If you have these basic traits, you can be a successful journalist.

Benefits of being Journalism Interns with Us
Many international students and prospective immigrants want to visit Australia to develop their career. Our journalism internship program allows such prospective migrants to get an opportunity to learn Australia’s culture and workmanship.

Interns learn to:

Write articles related to education in Australia
Script interesting travelogue
Post photos and write captions and gist about the scenario
...And, you can even earn if your work meets a certain standard. Journalism internship can be web-based for international students who have not yet arrived in Australia.

Those who have successfully completed their program in journalism can add this program in their resume. The program helps students get practical work experience that is needed to start an aspiring journalism career in Australia.

What We Give You
Go to Australia Agency has a dedicated editorial team that assists interns in journalism to learn the art of covering news professionally.

Go to Australia Agency offers unpaid journalism internship program where students studying English language or journalism can enrol to get detailed tips in reporting, editing, interviewing, reviewing, etc.

Students who are interested to pursue journalism can also apply for the Go to Australia Agency’s unpaid internship program, provided they meet the qualifying standards expected in a journalist intern.

Apart from the Go to Australia Agency internship program, we also offer paid journalism internships to students who have completed tertiary education in journalism. Interns will have an option to visit a leading publishing house to practice their writing and reporting skills. At the end of the internship program, promising interns will be absorbed in the company’s payroll.

How our Journalism Internship Works
Prospective interns must write to our editorial helpdesk for participating in the journalism internship program. You must mention the duration of the program that you are ready to participate. Generally, duration is from 6 months to 1 year.

Interns will also be given practical assignments to script articles, copy-write a text, or write blogs. A special subject on online writing will also be taught to the journalist interns. Copywriters will be  given tips to write text that is eye-catching and marketable in the net world.

For instance, article writing and blogs must be optimized with keywords if they are to be published for the web. The Go to Australia Agency also offers assistance to writers who want to write travel stories or blogs.

We don’t charge any fee from interns for our paid or unpaid journalism internship program.

If you are ready to be a journalist intern, email us for more information!

Internship in India

Being an intern and writing about my Indian experiences! By Sean Rohent I had always had a passion for journalism and it was great to realise this when I finally became a journalism intern! Doing some great work for some websites really gave me an...

Internship in Singapore

Singapore Experiences that will be read by everyone! By Choi Ventura I have lived in Singapore my entire life and it's safe to say I know a lot about my own country! This type of detail comes in handy when it comes to doing journalism jobs as part...
Journalism Internship New Zealand

Journalism Internship New Zealand

Journalism Internship New Zealand New Writers and Journalists can Write Online by Enroling at Our Web-Based Journalism Internship Program Travellers, students studying Journalism, or amateur writers keen to get writing opportunities can enrol to...
Journalism Internship Australia

Journalism Internship Australia

Journalism Internship Australia Come and do a Journalism Internship in Australia! Doing anything in the field of journalism is often exciting and extremely fast paced. It's an industry that you will find constant changes in from day to day and is...
Journalism Internship Namibia

Journalism Internship Namibia

Interns Invited to Work Online on Various Content Writing Projects Interns with suitable net-facilities are invited to write articles on various topics, online. This opportunity would allow students studying English, journalism and mass communication...
Journalism Internship South Africa

Journalism Internship South Africa

Journalism Internship South Africa Content Writing Opportunity for Interns who Plan to Gain Useful Work Experience There is an attractive scope for budding writers who plan to acquire work experience in the field of writing. Even if the interns stay...

AA Education Network’s journalism internship can offer you enormous exposure, formal qualification and practical experience to boost your employability.
AA Education Network provides you with various platforms to experiment and publish your work. You can either write about your travel experience in our travel blog, or you can write few articles about education in Australia and New Zealand for potential International students. You will also be given an opportunity to send your travel photos to be uploaded on our numerous websites.

AA Education Network understands that for people who wish to become a journalist in future, the opportunities to publish articles may not be enough. These people may be looking for a formal qualification to ensure their practical experience is matched by technical qualification. Moreover, AA Education Network appreciates the importance of university qualification and encourages students to enroll in such courses. Therefore, AA Education Network has got a team that will offer your FREE counseling if you are interested in undertaking a journalist course at one of Australia’s or New Zealand’s prominent education institute.

Depending on your ambitions and the course you choose, you can graduate with a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors or Masters Degree or Doctorate in journalism.
The pre-requisites for these courses vary depending on the course you wish to enroll in. Also, the English level requirements are also different with most of the courses requiring at least the basic level of the language. If you wish to pursue it further, please contact one of our friendly staff who can provide you more details on the qualification you seek to help you make the right decision.

One of the major advantages of enrolling in an education institute in Australia or New Zealand to complete a formal course in journalism is the access to program internships at renowned publishing houses, newspapers agencies, media outlets and affiliated companies. This exposure will give you a development opportunity that will be second to none. This access will also offer you valuable networking opportunities and improve your employability. As a matter of fact, many Australian and New Zealand education institutes offer job placements to its graduates anyway.

Therefore, if you are looking to enroll in a journalism internship course, you will be much better off doing it with AA Education Network than through any other channel as we don’t take your career for granted and provide you opportunities to capitalize on your skills and experience.

Thus, AA Education Network jobs offer exceptional exposure and a flexible working environment.

Australian experiences helped me with journalism jobs in the future!

By Gloria Buten

I had done a lot of travelling to Australia and as always keen to share my experiences with anybody who would listen! I loved the country and it was an amazing place, and I soon found a perfect outlet for me to discuss it! I stumbled across a website where people like me would share stories from their Australian adventures and it could count as a journalism internship. This was quite funny as I had actually found myself recently wanting to do a journalism career, so it was pretty much the perfect way for me to start out on this!

I would get the information I needed and soon I was writing away. I wasn't unfortunately getting paid for the articles but the experience it would give me would really come in handy later on in my life! As I mentioned, I had been to Australia many times before so I had no troubles writing about all the places I had been to and all the experience I had. I would write about each of the cities I had been to, the best tips I would have for travel and even which restaurants to eat at and which ones to avoid. I would lose countless hours writing all different articles and I would always be having a blast when I was doing them! I think I wrote over 100 articles, that's how dedicated I became!

Many of you reading this probably think it's silly to work for these articles without getting paid but I can assure you it really isn't. Go out there and do jobs like this and get internships online as you will find it can help you so much when it comes to applying for other jobs down the track. I had many of my employers look at the experience I received by doing the internship extremely favourably, and it probably helped me land a few of my many jobs! Give it a go, and experience the amazing world of journalism!

Around the World in 80 Photos!

By Christian McNamara

Being a media student it was always important to me to try out new things and really get a chance to do many different areas of media. I really enjoyed photography so when I found out about the opportunity for an online internship doing photography, I could hardly let that opportunity slip! Soon I found myself constantly having my camera with me as I travelled the world and taking as many photos of many different things as I possibly could, it was great fun! The fact that I got paid for my photos and stories of experience was also a bonus!

I would be around the world a lot as my parents travelled so I had to do a lot of my school work online which was pretty simple. The best part then about doing an online internship was that I was essentially doing exactly the same thing but for stuff that I actually received money for! This was really a massive boost for my future media career and it was great then also to see my photos actually published online for the world to see. And it really was the world who saw them too, as I would get so many positive feedbacks from people in all different corners of the world. I had somebody from Finland comment on a photo I took in Lebanon, so it was an amazing boost to my confidence!

Writing about the experiences was also great, and I was able to use some of my articles as school pieces which got me good grades at the same time! It really worked out in so many ways! I was getting an education, getting paid for a job online as well as getting to see the world and getting large amounts of experience for all my effort! I would easily recommend this to anybody out there who has the opportunity to do so and you should definitely do an online internship if you can as well!

Journalism work experience with Go To Australia Agency

If you are an inspirational writer who dreams of becoming a journalist one day, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door if you lack the qualifications and experiences.

Go To Australia Agency understands the difficulties that you may face when you are starting off as a writer or a journalist, so Go To Australia Agency is offering a journalism work experience that will help you with getting the necessary experiences that you need to get you started. The Journalism work experience at Go To Australia Agency values and encourages creativity, this means you are able to submit not only written work but also photographic work on a variety of topics.

When you are doing the journalism work experience with Go To Australia Agency, you will normally be asked to write about topics and submit photographs in relation to travelling and Education in Australia and New Zealand. However, we are flexible and are always open to suggestions and new ideas, so we would be more than happy to discuss any new topics should you consider them interesting reads for our targeted readers. It is also important to note that by doing a journalism work experience with Go To Australia Agency, you are giving your CV a huge boost, therefore becoming more employable for your future employers!

Go To Australia Agency also understands the importance of education, so we also provide a FREE service for those who would like to get a formal qualification in journalism. Go To Australia Agency will help you with obtaining an opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious and respected education institutions in either Australia or New Zealand. Depending on what level of study you wish to undertake. Given that you are able to fulfil the course prerequisites, upon the successful completion of the course, you will be able to graduate with a PhD (Doctorate), a Masters degree, a Bachelors degree, a Diploma or a Certificate.

If you do decide to study, there are also many benefits. You will have the ability to access the job database of your chosen education institution, and you may also be able to gain journalism networks through your tutors and fellow classmates. Also, upon the completion of your course in either Australia or New Zealand, you will likely be able to get access to the extensive internship and traineeship programmes offered by your education institution, and through this, you may even win opportunities to work at one of the many well established newspaper agencies, publishing houses, media outlets and other related companies.

If you have good writing skills, if you are disciplined and has the drive and will to succeed as a journalist and if you think you have what it takes. Then stop sitting there dreaming about a career in journalism! Act today by lodging an application for either the journalism work experience with AA Education, or contact us to get more information about gaining a journalism qualification from one of the most prestigious universities in either Australia or New Zealand.

The Go To Australia Agency is here to help you kick start your journalism career! If you would like to find out what the best option is for you, contact us today for a free confidential discussion where you will be able to get free professional advice from one of our counselors.

Journalism Internship Australia

Learning the Secrets of Editing, Interviewing, and Blogging on Social Media

Just having academic qualifications may not give you an edge over the others. A literature student for instance, would go through a suitable internship program, say take part in journalism internship to have a hands-on experience on the language and communication skills he or she has studied in the journalism course. In Australia, the scope is immense to acquire work experience. One just needs to check out various realms of internship programs offered in different fields by organizations.

Professional Internship Placement
Specialized skills, especially those that are in great demand in the market and provide money-earning and career-enhancing jobs, can be learned through Professional Internship Placement programs. Journalism is one such field where hands-on professional programs are offered by various publishing and media house.

Today, journalism is not limited to writing new articles or editing the same. Covering social events, taking critical interviews of eminent people, broadcasting an episode live, or taking part in a video shoot are some of the various facets of journalism.

Internship for Journo
Editorial interns on the other hand could get an on-the-job training at the news desk. This would include brainstorming for new ideas, developing new contacts, writing articles, sub-editing, and learning the art of communicating with the mass.

Recently, Game Development department required Communication Interns to cater to a cricket tourney to be held at various stadiums in Australia. Apart from taking interviews and covering the matches live, the interns would learn tasks related to media and communication, take part in orientation programs, and many more miscellaneous tasks. Media and entertainment interns would learn how to work behind the cameras as well apart from journo skills.

If you love to juggle writing work with technical tasks, you can take up Digital Media internship programs. The job profile would include maintaining database of contacts, clipping, scanning, and filing of files. You would also need to manage social media, feed content for the Content Resource Management (CRM), collate collaterals, and organize circulation of press releases.

Professional Pathways Australia
Various internship programs are organized by Go to Australia Agency. The journo interns are provided with suitable accommodation and facilities to pursue their internship programs. Effective, motivating, and perfectly organized, internship programs from Professional Pathways Australia are specifically coined to educate the interns to face the practical world.

Part from journalism and communication internships, there are other programs as well, such as those in insurance sector, business administration, education, advertising, pharmaceuticals, and engineering. Apart from seriousness at work, the interns are allowed to attend after-work gatherings where they can meet other interns from various parts of the world.

Features of Journalism Internships at Go to Australia Agency
Internship programs except journalism internships are unpaid. The Professional Internship Placement programs are usually from 6 weeks to 26 weeks. An Internship Certificate is offered to the interns who have completed their tenure in the program successfully. A Performance Statement is also provided by the sponsoring trainer to help the interns understand how they’ve performed in the job.

And, if you are an international student who is looking for internships in Australia, don’t forget to get a Working Holiday Visa to complete a 6-month internship program.


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