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Volunteer Overseas: International Journalism Experience with Projects Abroad

If you had the opportunity to explore journalism while living, working, and learning abroad, would you take it? If your answer is 'yes', let Projects Abroad set you on the right track with an international journalism internship!

Internships run year-round, with some available online, so recent graduates looking for a year of experience, practicing journalists in need of a break between jobs, or anyone simply looking for a summer abroad can customize their perfect program with Projects Abroad.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to explore international journalism through Projects Abroad, but because of the limited number of foreign-language internships available, most volunteers will be required to work for English-only publications.

Further, all Australia, New Zealand and online placements require non-native English speakers to demonstrate a high level of English proficiency.

Whether you prefer the formality of print media or the multi-faceted world of broadcast journalism, there is a place for you. Print journalists will gain an insider's knowledge of how a newspaper or magazine publication is run while amassing an impressive resume.

Broadcast journalists working with a radio or television program will be provided with an array of tapes and discs for their portfolio as they gain valuable production and broadcast experience.

Working abroad, in any field, is an amazing experience where memories are made to last a lifetime.

By learning the ins and outs of journalism against the backdrop of a new cultural and political setting, volunteers gain a truly unique perspective that will prove invaluable to themselves, their employers and their colleagues for the duration of their career.

The hands-on work not only helps build an intimate knowledge of the expansive and exciting world of journalism, but it also serves to broaden one's horizons and boost confidence.

If you have every considered a career in journalism, you simply cannot let this opportunity pass you by!


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