Internship in India

Being an intern and writing about my Indian experiences!
By Sean Rohent

I had always had a passion for journalism and it was great to realise this when I finally became a journalism intern! Doing some great work for some websites really gave me an insight into the craft and I certainly learnt a lot doing it! One of my first jobs though will always remain to me one of my most memorable and it involved me doing some unpaid articles on my travel experiences to India! It put me off at first when I realised it was unpaid, but in the end I was extremely grateful to have actually had the experience!

The fact that it was unpaid would I think turn a lot of people off the idea of doing any work for it, but you should never let it discourage you! The experience and references it provides you certainly make for an incredible addition to your resume! I had only recently returned from India so it was pretty fresh on my mind all the experiences I had actually had. I would have my own blog to detail certain experiences, and even found people commenting back to me and asking me questions to really find out even more details! It was pretty cool to be able to have the rapport with the readers of the site!

Also, given I was doing actual journalism work too it really gave me some fantastic in-depth insights into how it worked and helped me broaden my horizons for future careers! I think the fact that I could add journalism internship to my resume and not just rely on my education really did make a difference also, and future employers certainly looked upon it favourably. Taking on jobs like this may not sound all that appealing at first but you should trust in knowing that they can make a difference in the future for your journalism career!


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