Internship in Singapore

Singapore Experiences that will be read by everyone!
By Choi Ventura

I have lived in Singapore my entire life and it’s safe to say I know a lot about my own country! This type of detail comes in handy when it comes to doing journalism jobs as part of my internship I just received! I would get paid to write articles about my own country and why people should visit here! Pretty easy if you ask me! It would also give me great amounts of experience to put on my resume that would really show off to future employers how much I had done and how much I had learnt! And I did all this while still at school, certainly keeps me busy!

Writing online is a lot easier than writing for say a newspaper of magazine. Online articles are instant and go online straight away. This can then make people read them a lot faster and you can even have people leave you feedback and give information back to you about what was best about your article and what wasn’t! I remember the first time I got an email back about an article I wrote about the Singapore Eye, and it was amazing to read all the words from this person and how much I helped them! I never thought that would be possible but it actually was! That really made me smile and it still does whenever I get any email to my email address!

Allow yourself a chance to really get into a journalism internship and earn some money and experience for your future journalism career! Don’t be put off if you think you are at school that you won’t have time because this shouldn’t be the case! Do it in your spare time and earn some extra money! More importantly though you will get valuable job experience which really will help you, no matter how much you think it won’t. I have had lots of employers comment on my internship work and really look on it with a positive angle, so give it a go today!


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