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Online Journalism Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be getting money for doing my journalism internship?
It all depends on the internship that you receive. Some internships will provide you with payment while others will not. However for unpaid internships you will be still gaining vast amounts of experience that will help you in your journalism career. Never turn down an internship that is offered to you as you never know how hand it will become in the future.

What equipment will I need during my internship?

Generally it helps to have a laptop or computer of some sort and obviously the internet. The majority of your work will be conducted online so a decent internet connection will do you wonders in getting all of your work submitted on time. Pens and paper will also help if you need to do interview in the field, as will a personal recording device that is reliable and can help you with your stories.

What do I have to do in my internship?
Generally you will be given an article suggestion to write and then you will need to write it in your own words. Once you have written the article you will submit it back to us in the same email with any article you may have based your work on. This will ensure we can check you have written the article entirely in your own words and there is no duplication of words throughout your piece.

How many articles will I need to do?
This is entirely up to you! You can do as many or as little as you want. If you think you can commit full time to an internship job then you definitely can, although if you wish to do it is something part time then you can as well! It will all depend on how much work you wish to put in, as well as how much time you have available to commit to the internship and dedicate to your future career.


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