Journalism Postgraduate Degree in Australia

Journalism Postgraduate Degree in Australia

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Communication is the key at USC - Help create a new generation of communication professionals and open doors to exciting employment prospects with a USC Communication qualification.

Postgraduate studies in Communication at USC deliver:

* added value to existing qualifications
* increased international employability
* career opportunities in Australia

USC Communication programs are:

* a flexible and innovative mix of course and field work
* taught by qualified staff with professional experience
* developed in consultation with industry experts
* structured to include work-integrated learning

Find out more about our USC Communication programs today.

Graduate Certificate in Communication (CRICOS code: 058562J) - 1 semester
Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (CRICOS code: 065371B) - 1 semester
Graduate Diploma in Communication (CRICOS code: 058564G) - 1 year
Master of Communication (CRICOS code: 057539E) - 1.5 year


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